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Hi all. Welcome to DR Gear! DR is a band but this part of the site is an experiment to talk about another passion of ours.   Guitars, Amps, Mics, PA, Recording... I will be posting info about DR gear periodically to try and get some musings going in the forums. We will have a few useful folks monitoring the forums, i.e Dee who is an real deal EE, Jay Pro who is all around techie extraordinaire (he build my amp) and me the amateur gear head.

Blessings,  Steve

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Allen Sweep Spot

Anything about the Allen

103/04/2011 by SAC

Tele Mods

Anything about Tele mods


Sweep Spot Build by Jay Pro

A couple of years ago I began a quest to find the sound that is in my head. This began a long search in trying to improve my tone from my trusty Peavey Classic 50 that I have been playing since the mid 90s. I searched high and low...one day while in GC I found a real, not a reissue, 1967 Fender deluxe and it was magical. Unfortunately, it was also 2k for a 40 + year old amp that I need to gig with. So the quest continued until I found the Allen Sweepsot by David Allen (a great guy btw) It is basically a 60s Princeton with a 12" speaker and some great mods thrown in by David. i.e. bright switch, rear bias measurement jacks with adjustment pot(great for trying out different power tubes), combination middle/raw control(for some tweedy like gain), extension speaker jack, choke-filtered power supply, 5 capacitor filtering bank with stainless-steel cover, fixed bias phase inverter (Paul C mod) and insulated input jacks for lower hum. http://www.allenamps.com/sweetspot.php
Anyway, I can keep going but please take a look and leave a comment or question in the forum below if you are so inclined. Thanks

Tele mod by Dee

I got it in my brain that a needed a tele in my small collection of axes. So I went out on craigslist and found a 2001 black tele made in USA w/ Texas specials. The only problem is that the wiring had been modified to broadcaster spec. Essentially this was a wiring from the 50s that made the neck pickup sound like a bass guitar. It was cool but I wanted to have more versatility than that. So I purchased a new 4way switch that gave me the three traditional pickup positions but a 4th that put the pickups in SERIES. This gives it a fatter sound. Very cool mod and now it is a very versatile guitar and very fun to play. Check out the pics and please comment down in the forum if you like.



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